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Full Version: ChaosGN - The BIG Update is HERE!!
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ChaosGN - The BIG Update is HERE!! - chaos

Server will be offline for about one hour due to a new update.

What's new?
We have added a new seal of our own, we named it "Seal of Chaos".
Seal of Chaos will be only for weapons, you can't get a Seal of Chaos version of any armor or accessory.
Our former vision, was to bring you into a job based server, in which jobs will be very active, and therefore you won't reach the end game so fast.
However, this vision sort of failed, since a lot of players have reached high records in a short amount of time.
Due to these reasons, we have decided to add the Seal of Chaos weapon type.
It's a bit stronger than Sun, and it has a different design.
How can you get the Seal of Chaos?
Quite simply, in order to fix our vision and motivate players for jobbing, we have decided to let you get this weapon type from trade runs.
Every trade you will do, there will be a 35% chance that you will get a Talisman card, the talisman you get is randomized.
In order to make it even more interesting, we have added few more features to add more action.
First of all, every time a trader buys goods (when he goes out for a trade), there will be an automatic notice for all on the server about that.
For example, if trader NanoBoy is going to trade, and he buys goods, the whole server will get a notice "The trader NanoBoy has just bought goods".
This will help thieves to find about trade runs.
And of course, for motivating thieves to steal the trade runs, we've made it possible for them to get talismans as well!
There are more details about this part, but we will save them as a surprise for you.

In addition to the Seal of Chaos system, we have also done with more systems.
  • We have added this forum, and from now on, this forum going to be the main place for server news.
  • We have fixed the stones bug! - NO MORE RANDOM AMOUNT OF STONES after Teleport!
  • We have added Forgotten World system, but currently it's disabled for checking the rates.
  • We have fixed the wheel bug!
  • We have fixed the ArenaTop100 site bug in the vote system.
  • We have fixed the skills resetting and the gold4silks system bugs!
Fortress War time is now fixed and it won't be changed soon!
The time is: Every week, Sunday, 20:00 At the server clock.
Register Time: From Friday, until one hour before the fortress war.
You can always take a look on the timer at website and to see what's the exact time for the fortress war.

We know that few players left us, we are doing the best as we can to bring new players to the server.
We started advertise campaign, in which we are going to post a lot of ads on facebook, forums, vote sites and more.
In the next few days, we are going to release our trailer and with it to post a new crazy event that will bring us a lot of players!!

Thank you all, good luck with the new systems, ChaosGN Team.